5 Things To Do During Your Gap Year

5 Things To Do During Your Gap Year

June 1, 2018


Written by Barry Sun

You can do anything you want during your gap year.  You don’t have to travel the whole year or volunteer abroad. Although both of those looks great on your resume, your gap year should be spent doing the things you want to do in a productive manner. The college experience is not a one size fits all. A gap year can be extremely rewarding because it allows you to spend your time exploring what interests you. The options are endless; from exploring different career paths to gaining real-world experience, and immersing yourself into other cultures. Taking a gap year is also an great opportunity to take a break from studying and returned refreshed. 

1. Travel

a. Get out of your comfort zone and go abroad. Learn a new language, meet interesting people, and share your story. 

c. Traveling overseas is a lot more affordable than you might think. Your biggest expense will be airfare, but accommodation and food can be offset in exchange for volunteering or working. 

d. Traveling is an transformational experience, it will open your mind to new perspectives and exciting experiences. 

e. The best time to travel is now, especially when you’re young. Traveling will help you become independent as you problem solve in an unfamiliar environment. 

2. Gain Work Experience 

a. Beef up your resume with marketable skills like customer service, communication, networking, and time management.

b. Work part-time so you have enough money to travel and do the things you want to do. Working also will help you earn and save money towards your higher education. 

c. Explore different career paths by interning at companies to get a feel for the general vibe. 

3. Take The Steps to Become an Adult

a. Don’t depend on your parents for everything, give them the respect they deserve.

b. Solve problems by yourself but don’t be afraid to ask for advice or guidance.

c. Hold yourself responsible for your mistakes and manage your time wisely. 

d. Cook your own meals! Eating out can hurt your wallet and your health. Cooking your own healthy meals at home saves you both money and time.

4. Volunteer 

a. Gain valuable experience by investing your time and energy into worthwhile causes.  

b. There are many generous scholarships open to those who have a lot of community service hours. 

c. Most schools require service hours to graduate and will even give you class credit. 

d. Volunteering also looks great on your resume

e. With each challenge you face and problem you solve. You are growing your self-confidence. 

5. Learn New Skills

a. A gap year can be a wonderful oppourntintiy for you to explore and learn new skills that interests you. 

b. Become fluent in a new language

c. Design a website

d. Learn how to code and develop an app

e. Play a new interestment 

f. Learn the basics of DIY and repairs

g. The list goes on….

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