Top 5 Affordable Gap Year Destinations

Top 5 Affordable Gap Year Destinations

May 29, 2018


Written by Barry Sun

“Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.” – Paolo Coelho

Traveling during your gap year can be extremely eye-opening and rewarding. It will immerse you into different cultures and meet amazing people. Traveling will be an unforgettable adventure that will also shape your growing personality. But it can be expensive, especially if you’re going abroad. However, there are tons of affordable destinations that you can explore.

1. Vietnam is a must visit if you are a foodie and love to experience a culture shock. This is a well-known destination among budget travelers. Vietnam has mouth-watering street food and breathtaking landscapes. Also, like many other Asian countries, it has incredibly hospitable people.  

a. Ho Chi Minh City

b. Hoi An

c. Da Lat

2. Thailand is extremely affordable, becoming really popular among nomads and budget travelers. Assuming that you’re staying in hostels and not eating out at western restaurants. You can easily live on less than $25 per day. There are tons of things to do like: elephant sanctuaries, jungle treks, authentic cooking classes, island hopping, and sightseeing iconic buddhist temples. 

a. Chiang Mai

b. Phuket

c. Bangkok

3. Bali is an Indonesian island that has gained popularity among travelers recently. Known for its iconic terraced rice paddies and its gorgeous forested volcanic mountains. Bali is still incredibly affordable compared to other luxurious destinations. There are many affordable activities to do on the island. For example, watching the beautiful sunrise on the beach or going on a traditional tour of the island. Scattered on the island is also renowned yoga and meditation retreats, great for relaxing and de-stressing from school.

a. Canggu

b. Ubud

c. Denpasar

4. Ukraine requires no visa for US citizens and has a lot of cheap direct flights to Europe. Ukraine also hosts one of the most popular UNESCO World Heritage sites in Lviv and Kiev. Although you might be worried of the language barrier, Ukrainian locals are incredibly helpful and friendly. Staying at hostels will be extremely affordable gives you the chance to meet like-minded people. 

a. Kiev

b. Lviv

c. Odessa 

5. Taiwan hosts the 6th most visited museum in the world, home to an astonishing 696,422 exhibits. The National Palace Museum in Taipei showcases over 8,000 years of Chinese culture and history. In Taiwan you get to experience stunning architecture and many free admissions to national parks and landscapes. There are also a ton of alleyways full of inexpensive street food to eat. 

a. Taipei 

b. Tainan

c. Taichung

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