Underrated Gap Year Ideas

Underrated Gap Year Ideas

June 14, 2018


Written by Barry Sun

The concept of taking a gap year between high school and college can be a frightening step. You might ask yourself questions like “Will colleges still accept me?” “How am I going to spend a year off from school?” “Is traveling during my gap year affordable?” 

The truth is, that school is not a one size fits all, and not the only place where students can learn. Ivy league schools like Harvard and Yale actually encourages its incoming students to take a gap year. Around 8% of the freshman class at Harvard takes a gap year and 61% defers their admission for a year. If you feel like you need time to mature, gain hands-on experience, or travel. Then you should consider taking a gap year. There are so many awesome gap year ideas that it will take you more than one year to explore them fully. 

1. Start Your Own Business

a. If you are an entrepreneur and self-motivated, then you should start your own business. 

b. Of course there are major risks with starting your own business. For example unstable income, sacrificing your own time and money. But if you have an idea and see an opportunity, then it would be a bigger risk if you didn’t start your own business. 

c. Pursue your own passion and create your own environment. If you start your own business, you are the boss now. You set your own hours and call the shots. 

2. Learn A New Language 

a. Learning a new language can open a world of opportunities for you. Not only will it boost your resume, you will be more interesting.  

b. Connect with locals and establish new friendships. You will also no longer be perceived as a tourist and you can avoid paying tourist prices. 

c. Learning and embracing another culture. 

d. A great free language learning platform is Duolingo. You are able to learn at your own pace and assess your proficiency as you go along. 

3. Read

a. Reading improves your conversational skills and increases your vocabulary. 

b. Reading introduces you to new ideas and stimulates your analytical thinking skills. 

c. Reading reduces stress and challenges your imagination. 

d. If you are not used to reading, start out by setting yourself an goal of 20 pages per day. Or better yet, check out Audible. I listen to audiobooks on there while I work, which is extremely time effective. 

4. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

a. Try new things like eating food that you never thought you would like. Or travel to places that you never heard of. 

b. Taking risks and trying new things, regardless of their outcome, are growth experiences. 

c. Leaving your comfort zone helps deal with change and makes life transitions much easier. 

5. Meet New People

a. Learn something new from every person you meet. Everybody has a different perspective on life, with every interaction we have, we gain a new perspective. 

b. Enhance your communication skills by getting comfortable talking to new people. 

c. Gain new friendships, keep yourself open to unique opportunities. 

d. Utilize Meetup to meet new groups of people and try out new things with them. 

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